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About Us

Mn Custom Baits is a new and upcoming fishing business! We hand craft each and every bait that we produce. 

The Process:

First we mix up the platisol with the color and flake you want, then we heat it up to 350 Degrees. After that each bait is hand injected in to a high quality aluminum mold, and is taken out by hand, then checked by me to make sure each and every bait is of high quality and ready for the fish. We then let the bait cure for 24 hours so that it is very durable. After that we package and label every bait in to bags, then we ship it out for you to enjoy and catch fish on! 

Our prices are also very affordable unlike any other business so that anyone and everyone can use our baits! ALL of our baits are made in the US! We are based out of Minnesota. Check us out on Instagram and Facebook at Mncustombaits.